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Tree of Hope: A Captain’s Choice

As with most things in life you suddenly become aware that your problems are very incidental when you have your health and mobility…

Susie Spruce CaptainBranston Golf & Country Club has for many years allowed its Captains to raise money for their chosen charities and this year is no exception as Lady Captain Susie Spruce has chosen Tree of Hope for this year’s charity.

In today’s standard Tree of Hope is a small Charity but carries with it big missions and even bigger hopes for all the individual campaigns it runs on behave of the children under its wing. Susie’s charity will be the beneficiary of the monies raised throughout the year and will be shared between the two adopted cases of Sam and Leo.

T4 SponsorsT4 SponsorsAs with every year the Club holds a charity day competition in which it then solicits sponsors to sponsor individual holes on competition day as well as running raffles and other such activities to boost the fund. In previous years the members of Branston have been very generous in their donations and Susie is hoping for much the same again given the special nature of her chosen charity.

Makers Sponsorship of Tree of Hope Charity“I had no hesitation when Susie approached me for sponsorship but by that time all the tees were allocated so we said we would sponsor the drive up to the club, which, given we could have been miles away from the club house, was a result and gave the competition that air of being special on arrival… a number of our staff are also members at the club so I am sure they would have taken some pride is us doing that.”

Simon Lamb MD

The Tree of Hope hosts many campaigns which are all looking for donations, the Tree of Hope steps in when treatment, devices, or therapies are not readily available through the NHS and look to use funds to improve the quality of life for the children from assisting them to walk or provide training and equipment to aid communication.

LeoSusie has chosen to sponsor Leo aged 11 and Sam 10, Leo has cerebral palsy together with other conditions and has a battle to maintain his assisted mobility. Leo requires intensive physiotherapy to be able to keep him walking which is critical to his personal wellbeing.

SamSam is classed as nonverbal but has other ways of communicating. Sam has been classed at very high risk over the past two years with Covid and yet despite being very poorly has continued to be highly communicative using sign language and using a PODD book, (a specialised pictorial book that helps communicative actions). Sam will require two procedures next year to help control his seizures and correct his scoliosis.

“… I have been truly moved by all the battles and trials these children are facing and amazed at the work that Tree of Hope do, ….the number of campaigns all seems overwhelming but what you can see is that despite the daily difficulties these children face they continue to smile and get on with their brave battles… I cannot for one second imagine the daily routines the families must go through but it does bring home the reality that your health is invaluable….

…when I looked through the number of cases and projects, you can’t help but be moved and become emotional and the work the charity does takes special dedicated people as well as those donating small amounts and leaving messages for their chosen campaigns…

….I think it would be great if perhaps instead of buying that piece of plastic junk from China this year place a small donation to help a kiddie who just wants to walk, it’s got to be a much better present and one that could last a life time!!”

Simon Lamb MD

We thank you for reading this news item and ask you to take a moment and visit and if you can spare 5 mins or better still £5 choose a campaign that touches you and brings that child closer to their dream.

After reading the brave challenges that these children face Makers will be making a further donation in the Hope that it brings these brave individuals closer to their goals.

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