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Makers “Flies the Coup”

Makers RoadabratorAfter 7 years in residence Makers storage facility fondly known as the “Chicken Shed” is no more.

As part of Makers on going development it had outgrown the 55m single storey structure, which is ear marked to make way for a new equestrian centre for school children.

“With the growth of our business and the launch of Makers Logistics, we needed a facility that suited our needs and could support our sites. The Chicken Shed was “Eggzactly!” that for our business 7 years ago, but a new facility has been high on our “Pecking” order for some time.”

Simon Lamb, Managing Director

shed“The Chicken Shed became more difficult to use given its restrictive height but it’s not until it’s empty that you realise how big it was

John Walker, Compliance Manager



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