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Makers Launches Logistics Arm

LogisticsAs part of its continuing development strategy Makers has unveiled its Logistical arm, set up primarily to provide service, support and equipment to Makers sites, it will also act as a hub to hold manufacturers products for distribution across Europe.

“Logistics is a key stage development for us and will provide better support and response times to sites. It has a highly professional team of people involved and will only add value to the service we provide to our Clients and Customers alike.”

                                                Simon Lamb, Managing Director

Makers logistics yard Notice“Our continued investment is focused on bringing all the necessary facets together to ensure service, quality and delivery.”

Stuart Rooker, Financial Directorlogistics van

Known as The Yard, the facility will provide a more efficient method of support and asset management from plant, fleet, and material to the benefit of all Makers sites. The new facility is in total contrast to all other Makers storage facilities.

New yard                                                  

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