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Makers Transforms Citipark Flagship

TRANSMakers has just completed the Citipark Flagship MSCP at the Merrion Shopping Centre, Leeds.  Operating through a main contractor GMI, Makers carried out the structural refurbishment, strengthening and waterproofing elements of this multimillion pound launch of the ‘Citipark’ brand.

Ben Ziff Managing Director of Citipark praised Makers for their efforts and the transformation at the Merrion.

“Makers have gone the extra mile, we are very pleased and they have done a great job.”

Citipark believe it is imperative to keep their customers happy and customer satisfaction is at the heart of what Citipark wants to achieve.

Merrion was the largest carbon fibre strengthening project in Europe taking up nearly all available carbon fibre strand and wrap production for several months in Europe.working

Using the innovative ‘Anchor C’ method the structure was repaired, strengthened and waterproofed using the Sika range of products.

cpdDuring the construction phase, Makers held a ‘live tour open event’ where engineers, surveyors and interested parties could witness all stages of the carbon fibre installation, repair process and waterproof deck



The tour was incredibly informative and you suddenly appreciate the scale and issues faced by the contractor.”

Marcus Rathbone, Rex Proctor & Partners.

“The transformation is incredible, a very worthwhile seminar, the introduction of the technology followed by live tour cements the two together, I really enjoyed it.”

Emma Lam, Gleeds Cost Management Ltd.

“Merrion is one of those projects that doesn’t come around that often.  We are delighted to have been able to go ‘the extra mile’ for Ben and his team.  We rarely work through main contractors but GMI’s team have supported us all the way.”

Simon Lamb, Managing Director

MerrionMerrion has been shortlisted by the British Parking Awards in the ‘Best Refurbishment’ category which will be held at the Lancaster Hotel London on the 6th March.  Makers are delighted to have been involved with the project and that it has been recognised by the parking industry.

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