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Makers Celebrate 25 Years At The Beehive

silver tumb.jpg photo fixMakers celebrated with Parking Review’s team at the Beehive, London to commemorate 25 years of dedicated publishing in the Parking

Parking Review launched in 1989 is published 11 times a year and covers all the hottest topics in parking.  Renown for being the only independent publications dedicated to the parking sector, it covers all the latest trends and developments in the parking arena often setting the scene for thought provoking discussion amongst parking professionals.

“I too was launched into the world of parking when I joined Makers back in 1989 and at that time I had no idea I would be here 25 years on, I am sure Mark feels the same” 

Simon Lamb, Managing Director, Makers.

review“When we launched it was in the days when you never knew if you would be around in a months’ time, never mind 25 years.  The face of parking has changed dramatically over that time, hence we are still here.”

Mark Moran, Managing Editor

As well as publishing the latest news and analysis, Parking Review is behind some of the game changing events such as “The British Parking Awards, Parking World Exhibitions, Cycle City Expo and the Enforcement Summit.

“Parking Review created the “Parking Oscars” which have become famous for bringing the Parking fraternity to the general public.  Those in the industry pride themselves on the competition, whereas the general public and media are amazed such awards exist.”

Graeme Middleton, BDM, Makers

“Congratulations to Parking Review, 25 years in anything is an achievement, here’s to your next 25, hopefully, I may have just retired”

Simon Lamb, Managing Director, Makers

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