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Becky Rooker sadly passed away after battle with cancer

Becky & Stuart RookerWe are devastated to announce the passing of Becky Rooker, wife to Makers Finance Director Stuart Rooker. Becky was instrumental in her advice during the MBO process and has been with us even since the formation of Makers Construction Limited.

For the last 14 months Becky has been undergoing medical treatment for breast cancer but despite several courses of Chemotherapy and surgery she eventually lost her valiant battle.

Becky continued to work for the accountancy firm right up to the point she was rushed into hospital specialising in personal tax but during her treatment she unfortunately caught Covid which resulted in her treatment being suspended. Becky suffered from triple A negative breast cancer a highly aggressive form of the disease and during her treatment her immune system was very susceptible to infections.

Becky was admitted into hospital with added complications of pneumonia, and unfortunately, she was not able to recover from this and fight the cancer at the same time and died the following day after her admission into hospital. Becky’s final journey was surrounded by loved ones, particularly her devoted husband and children, Zak and Abbi.

Although Stuart and Becky knew there wasn’t a cure following the surgery the expectation was that they had a number of months in front of them to plan and make necessary arrangements, the speed at which the cancer spread with chemotherapy has been unprecedented and taken everyone by surprise. Becky and Stuart had hopes of some pioneering treatment that would have increased her life expectancy, but due to her suffering from covid they were unable to participate in the trials.

Stuart, Zak and Abbi have been truly devastated by the sudden passing of Becky and are having to come to terms with the hole she leaves behind. The family are supporting each other in their grief and we at Makers are offering all the support they need at this time. Understandably Stuart will be taking some time away from the business to support his children and start to piece things together and we offer our love, support and prayers to them all at this terrible time.

We would like to thank our supply chain partners for their understanding and patience at this difficult time, but the team led by Lisa Green are working incredibly hard to ensure all financial functions continue as seamless as possible. We appreciate that there are likely to be bumps in the road but would ask you bear with us during this time.

We have yet to be furnished with any funeral arrangements at this time, but as soon as they become apparent, we will make people aware through various channels.

Stuart and Becky met at work during their first employment and have never looked back. They have been together for over 34 years and have created a loving family with 2 very dedicated children. We have had many messages of condolence and support from both in and out of the Company and all messages received and being forwarded over to Stuart which we hope will help in the start of the healing process.

In the immediate future Stuarts role is being shared between Lisa Green Financial Controller and Simon Lamb Managing Director until Stuarts return.

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