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Rob Connelly, A Life Celebrated

Rob ConnellyYesterday I attended the celebration of the life of a former Makers employee Rob Connelly. Rob passed away on 6th December after a series of long illnesses at the age of 67.

Rob had two stints at Makers the first back in 1997 where as part of the estimating team and stayed with us for 4 years until he was headhunted by Repex.
Rob was a very lovable character and brough his Oxfordshire roots with him with a very quick wit and repartee. A lover of speed would spend a good amount of time on his motorbikes travelling the breadth of the country to discover that next open road. Although an owner of a few motorbikes his favourite was his Kawasaki which in the words of his son Adam was terrifyingly quick.

Rob was a hugely likeable character married to his wife Kerlinka for over 45 years produced their son Adam who in turn provided the gaggle of grandchildren Rob adored so much.

Rob’s second stint with Makers came in 2014 when he came and approached me personally for a position. He had been working as a consultant for a couple of years following his kidney transplant kindly donated by his brother-in-law 11 years ago. Rob at the time was still recovering but I had no hesitation in bringing him on board.

Rob ConnellyUnfortunately, the tenure wasn’t too long and despite his successful transplant he felt he was unable to provide his best work and it was an emotional farewell where he realised his working days were over.

Rob’s health continued to decline resulting in the amputation of his leg but this didn’t stop him from teaching his passion to his grandchildren which was drawing. In his early days Rob had originally trained to be an illustrator but realising the work opportunities were limited, trained as a building surveyor and this is where he met his wife apparently both admirers of each other’s’ bottoms!

Rob’s funeral was an emotional family affair and despite not working for Makers for 10 years we were warmly greeted and stories exchanged. Rob was a huge Liverpool fan and we all said our goodbyes to the Gerry and the Pacemaker’s hit and Liverpool anthem “You’ll never walk alone”!

I am blessed that Rob was part of our family, he brought great humour and energy to the role and I am better for knowing him. His last years were plagued with ill health being attended to by the kind ladies from Kingfisher who were with him to the end.

Liverpool FC BadgeWe are deeply saddened by the passing of Rob, and take comfort that his pain is now ended. His drawings live on through his grandchildren and the lasting memories of love and friendship with his family.

“God Bless, you Rob you were one of the good guys”

Simon Lamb, Managing Director.


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