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Makers Investigates the new WE Traffic Range

Demo of WE Traffic coating system exampleInnovation is key to the Tesco framework which both WestWood and Makers reside, so it is always important to continue to push both the technology and boundaries to find solutions to Client’s needs.

Retail is a fast-paced business and key areas are vital to the success and delivery of those businesses to the wider general public and so any down time in service yards, critical parking or delivery hubs are key to have back in service as quickly as possible.

Traditionally these areas have the least spent on them and they are the most heavily used and have many demands placed upon them from time in operation to the physical loads these areas are subjected to. In light of this WestWood have with their European partners being developing fast cure PMMA systems that can be adopted from their European Traffic divisions being extensively used in Austria and Switzerland and transferring that technology into a workable solution that not only improves upon the current market approach but with the focus on traditional details and robust surfacing have improved not only upon installation times but in durability presenting a waterproof solution to some of the most heavily demanding areas in the retail portfolio.

“We are always keen to understand what is available and how we can adopt and place it in our existing frameworks and beyond”.

Matthew Hewetson
Makers Commercial Director

Demo of WE Traffic coating system exampleThe We Traffic range consists of PMMA resin, fillers and bound aggregate in a through colour resin that when catalyst is added provide a one application solution depending on the substrate. We Traffic has essentially been used to improve safety areas on European Highways and laid directly onto tarmacadam surfaces but with the development of addition enhanced primers can be combined to apply to concrete substrates like many of the service bay situations.

Take the approach of treating specific areas with reinforcement treatments and completing perimeter details and vulnerable areas presents a cost effect rapid waterproofing option for heavy duty vehicles. Ideally this approach will cut down the installation time bringing these vital areas back into operation sooner.

The range consists of a number of grades of aggregate mixed within the blend depending on the requirements of durability, slip resistance and clean ability where smaller aggregates are used to improve and assist with cleaning.

WE Traffic coating system example  WE Traffic coating system example WE Traffic coating system example WE Traffic coating system example WE Traffic coating system example WE Traffic coating system example WE Traffic coating system example WE Traffic Coating system

Each project is considered on its own merits and the expectation of the Client but a full range is available in a number of colours and the same product can be used to create linemarking and bay demarcations.

“With all new products it is key for us to understand how the product performs, vista heritage and track record so we have a much fuller picture and then by actually using and experimenting with the product fully appreciate its capabilities, application and commercial use. It is fundamental to understand how the product can and should be applied and as experienced installers look at what we can add to the process, by getting “hands on “ in the initial stage and challenging the process we can bring our experience into the project. We love innovation and anything that can assist in returning key areas back into service more quickly is key for our Clients.”

Simon Lamb
Managing Director Makers

“We are delighted that Simon and his team have offered us their thoughts and between us we can refine our offer and see where improvements can be made and this is the benefit of working with an experienced contractor with knowledge”.

Wayne Chissell
Technical Director WestWood

Makers visit to WestWood HQ in Poole involved trialing a number of We Traffic systems to cover the full range and experimenting with application methods and equipment as part of the evaluation process. The We Traffic system comes on line shortly as part of the ever-expanding WestWood range.

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