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Re-Certification: it’s all good

Meadowhall Concrete RepairsIt’s been a busy start to the year and no more so with the rectification of the 45001 Standard. external assessors, British Assessment Bureau have been busy peeling back the layers and making sure we continue to observe the policies and procedures we underline.

Assessments take place both at Head Office and on site and this year was no exception with a visit to our structural repair site at Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield to witness the repair process and the running of the site.

The assessment provided a clean bill of health with very positive comments in staff participation and knowledge together with a very well-run safe site with zero observations and improvements.

The whole process involves interviews which are attended by Directors to hear at first hand their findings and suggestions that can be useful for future development.

“We try and provide strong leadership but it’s an opportunity to use the insight of the assessor and adapt good practice from other industries they have audited, they may need some tweaking but over the years we have come to trust their judgement”.

Sean Allsop Health and Safety Manager

ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management“It always surprises me that the team at BAB always thank me for my attendance, as access to MD’s seems difficult and is generally left to those in the health and safety department which surprises me. I find the process very valuable as the findings are clear and unambiguous and gives me reassurance that we are doing the right things rather than assuming we are!”

Simon Lamb MD

Makers would like to take this opportunity to thank Stephen from BAB for his contributions and assessments over the past years which have shaped and improved the business and we wish him well in his retirement.

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