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New Business Director Appointed

Jon Westwood, New Business DirectorMakers are delighted to announce the appointment of Jon Westwood to New Business Director.  Jon has made a strong impact during his 2-year tenure at Makers transforming our Testing and Structural Refurbishment offer which has grown exponentially since his arrival and his energy, dedication and enthusiasm for the role has created many opportunities and taken us in different directions.

Jon comes with a wealth of experience gathered from a number of years working in the industry with a number of organisations and is not unfamiliar with the role and responsibility that the position brings. Jon has covered many aspects of the industry from manufacture, distribution and contracting and has always applied his knowledge in all capacities and we believe that this position will give him a great platform to advise Clients, install confidence and support the process in designing repair strategies going forward.

With the support from the rest of the Makers team Jon has increased our turnover by 30% in the Structural Refurbishment Sector which is testament to his hard work, knowledge and positive relationships he has built up over time as well as providing additional opportunities within both our Parking and Roofing Divisions.

“Jon has worked hard for this and demonstrated his drive and ambition to take the business forward. He remains enthusiastic and brings an energy beyond his years. Congratulations and Well done!!”

Stuart Rooker Finance Director

‘Jon has a lot of history within the industry and over the past two years has adapted and contributed to the success of the business, he continues to remain focused and has brought new ideas to the business… I am delighted for him and his family as he continues his journey with us, many thanks Jon for your hard work.”

Simon Lamb Managing Director

Jon continues to push forward and his success is our success, as he continually says that last two years have flown by but we wish him every success in his new position and offer our congratulations.

“Some may consider me old school, but I have really enjoyed working at Makers, everyone is very supportive, sometimes my humour is different but it’s been great to feel part of this vibrant young professional team. I was surprised and delighted when I was approached with the news but this only makes me more positive for the future. I can only offer my thanks to Simon and his team who have restored my faith in people and have delivered everything they say they would do. I am deeply honoured and thank you…”

Jon Westwood New Business Director

Jon will continue to actively push the front end of the business working closely with his selected partners who no doubt will continue to support him in his new role.

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