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It’s all Technical

The Makers Team in Training at WebberIt’s always a positive sign when you are back in training at Makers. We would like to extend our thanks to Paul Rigby Technical Consultant of Weber and Robert Speake who entertained and hopefully enlightened the assembled Makers team who attended Webers Demonstration One on Technical Mortars covering concrete repairs and protection products.

“We try and create and elective group to learn together so we had, Directors, Apprentices, Site Managers, Procurement Staff all in attendance. The beauty of the course is that not only does it cover the theory but also practical repair applications which lets everyone get hands on”.

Sean Allsop, HSQE Manager

Makers Team training at WebberThe course covers concrete decay, the influence and effect of EN1504, investigation diagnosis and preparation. The course is designed to be an introduction providing an over view with practical sessions to maintain interest and see first hand the mixing and performance of repair mortars.

“The repair sector is vast and cannot be learnt in a day but provides a valuable insight especially to those who are not based on site. The objective is to become familiar with the products we use and install and provide a better connection. The natural competition between the different disciplines applies its own pressure but I understand the Technical Director came 1st in the quiz lucky for him but by adding experience to the day can add that extra dimension”.

Simon Lamb, Managing Director

Makers Team in Training at WebberHard place repair techniques are discussed and then attempted through the facilities at Weber where those who would not necessarily get their hands dirty can have a go. We understand we may have found some hidden talents and a couple more repairers in the ranks.

We would like to express our thanks to Weber for the hospitality, patience and contribution to the continued education of Makers staff especially those just starting out in the industry as par of our apprenticeship programme.

“It’s been really interesting and I loved the fairing coats, it was really satisfying, I must even have a go at plastering!”

Karen Moody, Purchasing Officer

Webber Rubber DuckThe winner of the Quiz; Darren Wootton was presented with a Weber special concrete stress relieving brick and the runners up were given a Weber Duck. Why a duck? We have no reason why but it will be a welcome addition to people’s bathrooms.

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