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Makers Score at Wembley

Ikea Wembley - top deckAs the Lionesses reach the Wembley Final in the European Championships, works are now complete at the IKEA Wembley only a stones throw from the national stadium.

Ikea Wembley has undergone a multimillion-pound refurbishment having spent many months as a Covid test centre during the pandemic.

IKEA Wembley Entrance BarriersWith new corporate frontage and pedestrian areas Makers were involved in the rehabilitation of the multi-storey car park built in 1996.  The car park provides the access via a link bridge to the European Headquarters frequently visited by Ikea’s International staff.

Kea Wembley Top DeckThe 26-year-old car park had serious issues with the asphalt top deck and drainage allowing vast volumes of water to penetrate and flood the decks below.

Makers were engaged to investigate and design a workable solution to solve the issues posed by the car park and like the English Lionesses the results are spectacular.

“Makers have been excellent and have completed on time and to budget, the client is delighted with the result and the transformation… it’s been a pleasure to work with first class team”.

P Bird, MACE

Water Penetration IKEA WembleyDisabled ramp Ikea Wembley“The 7500m2 project had some tricky design issues including the redesign of the disabled ramp, strengthening of the gutters to deal with the water ingress and bringing new life into the asphalt substrate and the deck looks first class”

Willy McCrimmon, Regional Construction Director

The 1100 space car park is now fit for international duty with new entrance barriers and a complete new surface, ready to play host to those arriving at Wembley.

Ikea Wembley Entrance“Wembley is the first of a hattrick of projects we are undertaking with Ikea, we will just keep our heads down for a bit after the last nights results but the girls were fantastic let’s hope they can go all the way”.

Simon Lamb, Managing Director



IKEA WEMBLY Waterproofing IKEA Wembley Top Deck finish IKEA Wembley Walkway IKEA Wembley Top DECK

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