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Hej IKEA, The Wonderful Everyday

IKEA WembleyMakers are delighted to announce the award of two car park refurbishment schemes with IKEA to resolve their current issues at both their Wembley and Reading retail sites.

The Wembley site is home to the European and Ireland Hub and has just undergone a significant investment plan and refit. As one of the UK’s busiest sites has played its role during the pandemic as a testing centre during lockdown. The site has the benefit of a large surface car park as well as the Multi-storey.

IKEA Wembley
The Multi-storey is suffering from a distressed asphalt topping which is allowing water penetration into the structure, resulting in flooding and vehicle damage issues. Over the next 14 weeks Makers will be introducing new drainage, repairing the asphalt and applying a new Triflex membrane. Alongside those works will be some demolition and removal of a raised timbered area, together with alterations to a disabled ramp and lighting scheme.

IKEA Reading will see the replacement of a previously installed membrane system, the introduction of strategic drainage to protect stair cores and the design and installation of movement joints between the spiral ramps and main body of the car park.

IKEA ReadingThe exposed top deck will receive a specifically designed system by Triflex following extensive testing on site. The project works are expected to take 16 weeks.

“We are delighted to be working once again with IKEA and we are really looking forward to executing this considerable investment. No doubt it gives our teams another chance to sample IKEA’s famous meatballs”
Simon Lamb, Managing Director

“There has been a lot of planning and design to get to this point and we are excited to be working with this international client once again to improve the parking environment for IKEA’s customers”
William McCrimmon, Regional Construction Manager, South.

The two projects represent a significant investment by IKEA to improve the parking experience for their customers. Like all structures at some point they require refreshing and we are delighted IKEA turned to Makers for our experience and expertise.

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