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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hewetson

Emily & Matt HewetsonWe thought something was up when Matt said he couldn’t make Scotland England game in Edinburgh, most people sneak off to Gretna Green for a secret wedding but Emily and Matt preferred to tie the knot at Lichfield Registry Office.

Back in September they had announced their intention to get married in 2022 but hadn’t fixed a date and for most it was assumed a summer wedding as is the norm, but with the necessary paperwork arriving in early December it was just a matter of arranging the venue, flowers, make-up, suits, photographer etc…

Matt Lilley and StanEmily and Matt have known each other since school attending Netherstowe School in Lichfield but as with most school associations work and life get the in way and both Matt and Emily had separate journeys both becoming married and having children.  Lilly to Matt and Stan to Emily, but as they say true love never dies.

Matt &  EmilyMatt and Emily were truly meant to be with each other and despite the past stresses of life look forward as Emily describes it as her ‘blended family’.

Matt confirmed that lockdown hadn’t been kind to his waistline like so many of us, yet despite buying new suits for Dad, Father-in-law Rob, Best Man Matt Hyde and Stan, Matt admitted he dearnt bend down and remained standing as in his words ‘it was a bit snug’.

Lilley and Esme were bridesmaids together with Emily’s best friend Julie Travis who was head Bridesmaid.

family at weddingFollowing the official ceremony at Lichfield Registry Office a stroll through Beacon Park and a gathering at the Ye Old Dun Cow in Colton saw friends and family celebrate the day as Matt remarked it had the same feeling as Christmas.

Camper vanMatt and Emily are the proud owners of a campervan ‘yet unnamed’ and the plan is to have a honeymoon in May travelling Scotland’s own ‘route 66’ known as North Coast 500, and by then the weather should have improved and with COVID restrictions likely to come to an end shortly a ‘bit of a blowout’ in the summer.

Everyone at Makers is delighted for Matt and Emily, Lilley, Stan and Esme and wish them every happiness together.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hewetson.

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