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Makers go mobile friendly

Mobile Phone with mobile version of new websiteCovid-19 has impacted both industry and people in many ways leaving few of us unaffected. Adjusting to new methods of working provided the impetus to do some much-needed housekeeping which in turn lead to a review of the website. With many in our industry working from home the internet has become even more pivotal in both the way business connects and engages.

“If lockdown did one thing it provided us the opportunity to renew the website, it was always on the ‘to do list’ but we could never quite find the time”.

Verona Murphy, Marketing

Our previous website was constructed some 10 years ago and was designed for searching via desktops and in that time the world of communication has become highly mobile with over 90% of entire searches being carried out by the mobile device.

We are delighted to announce that with the launch of the new website it is much more “mobile friendly”, and although the site contains many of the popular features from it’s predecessor it now automatically re-formats to the searches device improving the viewing experience, be it an iPhone, android or tablet device.

Makers news and case studies can be easily accessed and we hope that the site is more visually appealing, more easily navigable, displaying more of the activities we undertake and categorised for quicker location.

Makers mobile website

The colour pallet has remained similar to promote familiarity but our backdrop and information pages have been converted to white for ease of reading and printing and any opened case study can be easily downloaded in pdf format.

“The pandemic has put massive pressure on all walks of life but it has also provided an opportunity to use some of the freed-up time productively. I would like to thank all those who made it possible during these difficult times and to be honest it was long overdue… I am delighted with the new look and outcome which I am sure those regular visitors to the site will enjoy”.

Simon Lamb, MD

If you would like to be kept up to date of our latest news and developments then please take the opportunity to follow us on Linked-in via the icon on the top of the website which will automatically provide you with the latest update directly to your mobile device.

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