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Makers Sponsor British Parking Awards

proud sponsors1This year’s British Parking Awards will be held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London on the 6th March.

Makers has always been synonymous with innovation and we are delighted to once again be associated with this highly competitive category, the Parking Technology Award.

This year 18 entries will have been submitted for the Technology Award and be examined by a panel of judges from experts within the industry who will produce a shortlist of successful candidates to be presented at this year’s awards.

The British Parking Awards consists of 18 different categories from all aspects of the Parking Industry and is a celebration of parking service, best practices, innovative design and excellence, and each of the 18 categories will receive a combination of over 130 entries from across the UK all vying for a 2020 award.

This year’s host is Dr Xand van Tulleken twin brother of Dr Chris whos TV shows such as Operation Ouch and Twinstitute examine and experiment on the human body to either prove or dispel myths and wives tales but actually demonstrate by using other identical twins the impact of certain processes, behaviour or substances on the body.

Their ability to subject themselves to the same testing criteria adds authenticity to the findings which for the most part is not redefining but moreover reaffirmation of expected outcomes.

We look forward to seeing how Dr Xand experiments on the Parking fraternity.


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