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Makers “Tackles” Sir Clive Woodward on Inspiration

Sir Clive Woodward & Simon LambAs part of his “Inspirational Leadership” seminar Sir Clive Woodward took time out to answer questions posed by Makers Managing Director; Simon Lamb.

Question: “How do you and your team handle losing?”
As part of his “TCUP” approach Sir Clive believes that by preparing for each scenario and eventually performance becomes automatic.

Answer: “You prepare for it, you discuss outcomes, so that you have clear thinking in that moment and everyone already understands the outcome. By planning for the outcome peoples’ reaction, attitude and performance remains at peak level despite a disappointing outcome. This isn’t the same as preparing to fail, this is clear thinking to what’s needed for the next step and improvement”

Sir Clive Woodward

Sir Clive believes the process of identified outcomes and preparing and discussing different situations with the team will develop better outcomes and clear choice making under pressure. By taking this approach from key sporting moments good thinking under pressure becomes second nature. “It is easy to make decisions when there’s no pressure and it’s all going well… the strength of the team and its leadership is correct thinking under pressure”

Sir Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward Inspirational Speaker - audienceQuestion: So how do we plan for such eventualities?

Answer: The key according to Sir Clive is the process of 4D learning. The “What” element which is the gathering and exploration of ideas. The “Why”, the analysis of data to understand why we do it a particular way. Followed by the “How”, how to improve and make it better and then the “Digital” the ability to collaborate and share. The 4D learning process never ends it’s akin to Makers integrated management system that requires constant examination and improvement. During his “How” delivery Sir Clive touched on the ingredients that make a champion.

Sir Clive Woodward - Inspirational Speaker and Key Note Speaker at Expo Exhibition 2018The “TCUP” principle. It starts with skill and ability but this skill needs to be transformed to the next step. The candidate has to be teachable and act like a sponge and be open to new ideas and techniques and at that point be introduced to the TCUP principle. Thinking cleverly under pressure. Sir Clive defines this as the ability to make good choices under sever pressure moments and this comes from preparing and considering differing scenarios and outcomes and planned reactions to those. This is followed by hard work, correct attitude and the will to work hard. “This is the DNA of a champion, this is how I train all my champions, talent is simply just not enough.”

Sir Clive Woodward

Over 2,000 people listened intently to Sir Clive as he demonstrated examples of world class athletes who without TCUP has disastrous outcomes at key moments. He firmly believes that the key to inspiration leadership is to engage and encourage others to bring ideas forward within their respective organisations and don’t be afraid to think outside their comfort zone.

Sir Clive Woodward & Sean Allsop“Sir Clive Woodward was exceptional and his delivery inspiring. He provides an air of confidence and his self-assured manner makes it easy to digest the message and ideas he is conveying”

Sean Allsop, HSQE Manager.

“To get to speak with Sir Clive on a one to one was invaluable. In an environment where we lose more than we win to get an insight into peak performance and team motivation will only improve us as a business”

Simon Lamb, MD

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