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Makers attends Health and Safety Expo

Health & Safety Expo 2018With Health and Safety being driven to the front of our industry it is critical to be aware of changes in Law, the latest innovation and improvements that can be adopted.

“This 3-day event brings together all aspects of Health and Safety that cover numerous industries. Its value is the new innovation and approach to Health and Safety that is showcased in one location”

Sean Allsop, HSQE

The 3-day event from 20th to the 22nd June provided many hours of key seminar speakers in respect of Health & Safety and in particular coupled with the anniversary of Grenfell the discussion and contributions lead to heated debate from all parties.

Health & Safety Expo 2018“Grenfell has been an obvious topic with many contributions but has provoked much discussion about the construction industry itself. Many industries are on display here but to many the behaviour by our industry and those within it is somewhat bewildering to others.” “I have been fascinated by the take of the legal experts that have offered opinion and indeed can only conclude that this will be a messy outcome, someone will be accountable but the “endemic system” will no doubt take the brunt”

Simon Lamb, MD 

This year saw the introduction of the Occupational Health and Well Being Theatre and with a further 4 theatres providing over 80 hours of informed content over the 3 days from operation excellence to professional development the Expo covers something for every Health and Safety officer to engage in. Health & Safety Expo 2018The keynote theatre provided leading presentations from inquests to the new ISO45001 Standard and promoted contributions and discussions from the audience. Over the 3 days experts provided insights into recent developments with the world of health and safety and of particular value was discussions around the attitude and position of the HSE in relation to the law and changes in outcomes.

Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal, Director of Turnstone Law, took several clinics on legal matters both on and off stage on a subject that for many is alien and fraught with pitfalls. From inquests to accident investigation through to individual prosecution the team offered an insight into the whole legal process.

Key Speakers at Health & Safety Expo 2018“The whole legal process is a minefield and just listening to the discussions around Health and Safety Policies has been enlightening… the contribution by Dr Joyston-Bechal and the other contributions has been eye-opening”

Simon Lamb, MD

  “Whilst Health and Safety is at the forefront of the construction industry I have been amazed that this isn’t the case across all industry. From the comments made during discussion I can see why the change in ISO 45001 can be vital to an organisation”

Sean Allsop, HSQE Manager

Health & Safety Expo 2018“From the heated debate there is a direct correlation between “leadership” and companies Health and Safety culture. In construction it is an intrinsic part of everything we do, as a Director I was amazed that the leaders of many companies were seen as “blockers” and that Health and Safety was low on their agenda. In our industry that just isn’t possible and I for one am glad the construction industry has engaged this through organisations such at CHAS”

Simon Lamb, MD


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