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Jobs Fair Gets Mayor Approval

1Academy Old boy Elliot Kemp returned to Walsall Academy to talk to fellow six form students about the options and his experience on the Makers Apprenticeship Scheme, and why apprenticeships are an alternative to university education.

Makers has had a close association with the academy with 2 former pupils currently on Makers Apprenticeship Scheme. So, when Andrew Glover and Gareth Howell, Director of Careers at the Academy extended an invitation to attend their careers fair it made complete sense.

3The all-day event attracted many interested parties from Universities, Colleges, her Majesty’s Armed Forces and other apprenticeship providers. With over 300 pupils attending the “fair” the 40 exhibitors were soon being questioned by parents and pupils as to options, length of course and future opportunities, trying to find their individual route to success.




“The sixth form is a very difficult time in a pupil’s development with most focussing on exams and most don’t really have an idea what they want or would like to do…. at this point in the process we can only advise and get them to talk with their teachers and parents to find out what they would like to do. But at least by being here we present them with options they probably didn’t know existed…”

Sean Allsop, HSQE


The Mayor of Walsall Marco Longi also attended the proceedings to see how industry and future education interacts with the college and took time out to talk with Elliot when he visited the Makers Stand about his apprenticeship.

“One minute I was talking to a pupil about what I was doing in Basingstoke and then the Mayor stood next to me and asked how I was getting on with my apprenticeship. Mr Howell had recommended me to Makers, so he was delighted to see me back at the college talking about my experience”.

Elliot Kemp, Apprentice Site Manager

Makers has two apprentice positions available this year with the intake in August so any prospective candidates need to apply sooner rather than later.

“Conversations with the students seem to echo those had with parents but when an employer is telling you somehow it’s different from Mum and Dad.

The Key at this stage is to keep your options as open as possible which means do well in your studies but in the meantime try and understand what you like to do and what interests you… You are a long time at work so it’s much better to enjoy what you do”

Simon Lamb, M.D

4 class of 2017Makers Construction would like to thank all the Pupils, Parents and Teachers who visited us during the Careers Fair and wish all those Pupils taking exams all the very best of luck for the future.


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