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Ecobuild Showcases Innovation and Sustainability

Ecobuild in the industry showcase that brings together all parts of the construction supply chain. With the recent press coverage of the fall of Carillion the industry has taken a big confidence knock but Ecobuild still shows the drive and determination by forward thinking companies to deal with the issues of today and design for the future.

Ecobuild exhibitionBetween the 6th – 8th March over 25,000 visitors will take part in the Ecobuild Exhibition at Excel London. Part of that participation will be the 30 seminars and knowledge programme that is free to all covering 10 major sections of the industry.

With industry heavy weights like ICE, RIBA and bre these key stakeholders will shape the construction industry of the future. Over 200 exhibitors will demonstrate and interact with interested parties as they allude to solve the issues of tomorrow.

The exhibition broken into eight districts provides insight into their own particular pressures, outcomes and developments for the future each equipped with its own seminar theatre providing access to some of the industry’s leading speakers.Ecobuild audience

Attracting not only visitors and exhibitors from around the world, new innovations and techniques are brought to the market place to drive our construction industry forward.

Each year the industry moves with the demands placed upon it and this year is no different with the emphasis on sustainability and modular building to deal with the housing pressures being felt in the UK.

4“In order for Makers to progress we need to innovate and Ecobuild provides that opportunity to examine those new products, ideas and techniques that are out there and see how we can adopt them into our client offers”.

Simon Lamb, M.D.


Ecobuild exhibitionEcobuild provides a collaborative environment and networking opportunities to examine product innovation and discuss the issues and regulation that will affect the industry in the future.

“There are many lightbulb moments at Ecobuild and it’s only when you examine the 17 sustainable areas that the industry is striving to achieve by 2030 do you realise how far behind the curve we are as both a business and industry”.

Simon Lamb, M.D.


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