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Makers Attracts Mature Apprentices

Elliot Kemp2Elliot Kemp joins the apprenticeship programme having successfully achieved 3 A Levels at Walsall Academy.

It’s been a long wait for Elliot who was offered a conditional place back in February of this year.  Elliot always wanted an apprenticeship with the ability to earn and learn.


Elliot’s introduction to Makers has been through his career advisors who work closely with the company to ensure the right type of candidate is provided the opportunity.

“The Makers apprenticeship is not easy and takes people of real character to complete it.  We met Elliot very early on in the year and knew he would be right for us”

John Walker
 Compliance Manager

Elliot KempElliot is a fully rounded young man who is keen on his sports from both team games and individual pursuits.  Elliot is familiar with our mentoring style of teaching and development which he was asked to participate in by Walsall Academy helping those Year 9 students with literacy issues.

Elliot is an enthusiastic student and always wanted to enter the world of construction and couldn’t wait to take his place on the programme.  He is already assigned to his mentor and is currently working on projects in the area.

David Wilcock won’t mind being called a mature student at the age of 46 he knows he qualifies for that title, but David has been provided with the opportunity to re-train and enter an industry that he has no knowledge and experience of.  David is able to do this on Makers Apprenticeship Site Manager Programme which is designed to be accessible to all ages.

David is an ex Royal Marine and is used to structure and development which requires drive, planning and leadership qualities that are firmly planted within military personnel.

David’s challenge will shortly begin with his attendance at Walsall College and all that will bring and at the age of 46 he is under no illusion that he may be even older than his lecturers.

David is a very level headed straight talker with a conscientious attitude.  When entering the unknown it’s never easy, but David’s military experience and skill sets will allow him to plot his course through the programme

Makers course is a 5 year Site Management Programme designed on the basis of no construction background so becomes very adaptable for both school leavers and those seeking employment from outside the industry.

“We are delighted that we have secured 2 fantastic apprentices, they come from completely different backgrounds but believe they will complement each other as a team going forward.  We are very excited for them”.

Sean Allsop
HSQE Manager

As with any reskilling and retraining the additional pressures of home life and family also add to the complexity of the task.  Married to Ashley, David will be soon sitting down and doing his own homework alongside his 2 daughters Zara and Isla.

Mature Apprentice“I’m really looking forward to the challenge and I am sure that my training within the Special Boat Service and tours to Iraq and Afghanistan should prepare me for this  although this is daunting for many different reasons…

I am delighted to have been selected and have the opportunity to go back into education and re-train.  The guys have been great at Makers and now I can take it to the next level”.

David Wilcock
Apprentice Site Manager


With the increase in targets set by the government for apprenticeships within the construction industry to meet the shortage of skill levels required, it is for those within the industry to train and provide the next generation of the workforce.

Whilst the larger companies will always dictate policy and no doubt influence where and how government funding is spent it will be up to the SME’s that make up 80% of the construction industry to continue to train in a fragmented manner those skillsets they demand.

For SME’s, the ability to train and commit to apprenticeships is incredibly hard given the pressures of margins, future workload and payment terms.  All of these issues are a catalyst that effect the ability not only to offer an apprenticeship but moreover guarantee employment at the end of the process.

Here at Makers if you complete your apprenticeship you are GUARANTEED employment.

“We have been investing large sums in comparative terms for an SME, but we recognise that in our specialist fields it’s up to us to develop and pass on our skills and knowledge and unfortunately no government programme will do that for us”

Simon Lamb

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