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It’s a boy!!!

Birkby Family

Congratulations to Jacob and Kadie from all at Makers

Makers are delighted to announce the new arrival of Jacob Alan Birkby on 26th August 2017 at 12:51.  Jacob Junior was born at a healthy 8lb 7oz at Barnsley Hospital to mum Kadie and dad Jacob.

Jacob senior is a site manager at Makers and Jacob junior is the first child of Jacob and Kadie.  As you can imagine both parents are ecstatic at their new arrival who is taking centre stage.

Jacob Snr has now returned to work with a phone full of photos and an enormous grin!  He admits that over his paternity leave he has put a few pounds on whist Kadie has lost more than a few.



It's a boy Jacob KirkbyJacob Jnr is obviously named after his dad but his middle name ‘Alan’ is a tribute to both grandads who are both called Alan, and you can imagine everyone is delighted by the new addition.

Manchester United Shirt

Although we have put Jacob Jnr down for our apprenticeship scheme it appears there’s no accounting for taste as it has now been revealed that “Jake” has already been enrolled as a Manchester United fan after his dad, despite living in Rotherham.

Well it could have been worse, it could have been an Aston Villa shirt!.

“We are totally made up for both Jacob and Kadie they are a smashing couple and we wish them and young ‘Jake’ all the very best for the future.

Simon Lamb, MD


“It’s been absolutely magic but seems to be going so fast, Kadie was delighted with the flowers from everyone, it’s just been non-stop since he was born!

Jacob Birkby Snr.

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