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Sir Ranulph Fiennes Captivates at QA National Conference

IMG_3723It’s been a number of years since Sika LPL’s  last National Conference but the event held at the PGA’s Headquarters at the Belfry Sutton Coldfield was a welcome reintroduction.

Quality Assured Contractors throughout the UK were invited to IMG_3713lunch and listen to the latest developments from LPL regarding their QA App installers, social media campaign and the new i-cure range, and to celebrate 30 years of Decothane.

IMG_3711Having achieved sales of £58 million in 2016 product sales were expected to reach £63million in 2017.

Well attended, the delegates received a lunch reception, IMG_3717addressed by Pete Hollingsworth, Head of Sales for Sika LPL and an insight into the world of exploration by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, followed by a gala dinner, winning project revealed and networking opportunity with members from Sika LPL

IMG_3728Sir Ranulph Fiennes was an engaging speaker providing his audience with only glimpses of the achievements, adventures and perilous situations he has placed himself in.

Sir Ranulph’s history was like a Sika catalogue something new in every year and something for all occasions spanning some 50 years.

Brought up in South Africa due to the war, he was soon brought back to England to be educated at Eaton. But due to not quite achieving the pinnacles of ‘A’ level scholarly he joined the army where he developed his passion for adventure joining his fathers The Royal Scots Greys tank regiment he soon found his way into the SAS and became the youngest Captain in the British Army.

Sir Ranulph achievements are too long and illustrious to cover in a single news article suffice to say he is a British icon, a record breaker, an explorer extraordinaire but more over a fundraiser.

Ranulph 4Since the death of his wife and childhood sweetheart Ginnie Pepper 2003 Sir Ranulph Fiennes has dedicated his life and exploration events to raising money for Marie Curie.  On the passing of his wife, explorer in her own right Sir Ranulph Fiennes has raised over £18m pounds and is aiming for £20m

At 73 years old age is not a boundary ‘it just means you have to be careful’. Having already experienced 2 heart attacks, a double heart Bypass, Sir Ranulph Fiennes is embarking at the latest of his world record breaking attempts.

Ranulph 2The Global Reach Challenge involves climbing the highest peak on each continent between August 2016 and May 2017.  This is even more miraculous as Sir Ranulph suffers from vertigo and Cheyne-Stokes Syndrome when he is climbing.

To date he has crossed both Polar ice caps, climbed Mount Everest in Asia, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and Mount Elbrus in Europe.  3 peaks remain Acongagua in South America, Carstensz in Indonesia and the final Ascent of Denali in North America.

Ranullph 5Ranulph 3If it involves adventure, danger and records or It’s a “first” however humanely possible it is something that will attract Sir Ranulph Fiennes attention and will drive him onto succeed.  When asked what keeps him going?

His response “not to embarrass those people up there looking down on me.  I am very fond of them and I don’t wish to let them down.”

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

It is not often we meet extraordinary people.  On the outside they appear much like you and I, but it’s their drive, ambition and determination to carry on when the option to give in is more appealing.

I cannot begin to comprehend the levels of cold, pain and hunger this gentleman has endured in pursuit of goals and records on behalf of a nation, but what I recognize that by donating to his charity he will soldier on in memory of those he has lost along the way.

If you feel you can support Sir Ranulph and Marie Cure please donate to




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