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Exercise The Secret to Success?

It’s not a new thing, in fact the Japanese have been advocates of this for many years with their mass workforce congregations workers performing routine of exercises before the shift started.

How we in the west scoffed and cited concentration camp tactics, yet amazingly those smart business have caught on and realised the key benefits that physical activity and being ‘in shape’ provides, so when my staff decided to participate in a collective 10k run, having originally been overlooked, due to age and general incapacity I decided to volunteer and go along for the ride, so now it’s over what can I say?


Firstly I have never been so proud of my staff, for their ability to focus and outperform themselves at every level and to support and encourage those of lesser ability to succeed.

Secondly to take pleasure in everyone’s achievements both great and small, whether the setting of a new personal best or the euphoria of just actually completing the event.

Thirdly, the camaraderie and respect with the ultimate support mechanism to ensure all advice, information and assistance was shared, to totally encourage regardless of ability.

IMG_3634And finally to come together as a complete unit, taking pleasure in representing themselves, each other and the business.  If I knew what effects it would bring I would have done it earlier rather than waiting so long.

In preparation of this group’s 10k run there are obviously followers and leaders, those who actively have knowledge, experience and advice to share so as a group we all perform together, and those followers, people like me who appreciate that if outside their comfort zone, listen intently so as not to repeat mistakes previously made by others.

IMG_3612So are we better as a unit?  ‘Of course we are’ when placed under pressure you see how your organisation pulls together, stronger areas, helping the weaker so with transfer of information and mutual respect for a common goal.  The emergence of leaders who previously were content to be in the background and provide the drive and determination for all to succeed.

Whist we can all appreciate the science, of neurotransmitters and reduction in brain cell degeneration, the ability to complete tasks more effectively and efficiently it’s the none measurable softer aspects that have had the greatest impact, collaboration, respect, support and encouragement.IMG_3589

I know my team feel different, it maybe they all produced more protein cells, I can see that their attention spans and memories could be improving and that their ability to think smarter and resolve more complex tasks as their boosted serotonin levels kicked in but more valuable than that, they all became a cohesive unit with mutual respect for each other and out performed at every level.  To all those that took part, I am incredibly proud of your achievements and you have clearly demonstrated to me what makes ‘Makers People’ so special.  IMG_3632Congratulations to you all on a fantastic effort.

Many Gurus will tell you ‘Exercise is critical to success’ but without actually defining success, that process and evaluation can be left to the individual organisation to decide, all I know is we were better for doing it and I am sure the team are planning their next adventure, I’m just praying it’s not a marathon.

Simon Lamb, MD


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