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Makers to the Rescue

Just before the Christmas Shutdown Makers received a call to attend an emergency involving a 4×4 vehicle and the existing fenestration.

DSCF0480The driver whilst descending the car park via the circulation ramps ploughed through the impact barrier external fenestration having got his foot stuck on the accelerator.

The crash completely sheared the impact barrier and dislodged the four of the pre-cast panels making up the façade.

“When we arrived we were amazed that nobody had been hurt.  The precast panels were suspended in air by some secondary mesh, we quickly had to make the area safe and restrain the panels to prevent them falling.”DSCF0481

Darren Wootton – Operations Director

The speed and force of the impact was to sever that support post to the impact barrier was lifted out of the slab as the fixings sheared.  The secondarDSCF0484y metalwork framework was destroyed and one of the PPC planks split in the middle.

“Speed was of the essence as one of the PPC panels was only being held on by 2 small fixings and with a weight of over 150 kg preventing it crashing on cars below it would only be a matter of time before they failed”

Darren Wootton-Operations Director

The incident some 25 ft. above a surface car park was quickly isolated and the car park IMG_1910IMG_1911
closed to users until it could be made safe.

We are happy to report that the works went smoothly, the area made safe and the gentleman in question was unhurt albeit a little shaken.  Although the gentleman carried on his journey he returned to report the accident later on.

The car park is currently undergoing a structural survey with Makers carrying out the replacement fenestration works shortly.WP_20170104_10_36_34_Pro

How strong are your barriers?  Makers can undertake barrier load testing as part of our Lifecare planning offer. Be sure in the knowledge your car park is safe.  For more information contact




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