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Car Parks Out Of This World

Makers transformation team were on hand to prepare and ensure the survival of intergalactic space travel and enter the new dimension of 3D Virtual Reality. Teleported across the planets “transformation officers” embarked on their individual Virtual Reality (VR) tour as they immersed themselves in the world of car park transformation.

_DSC5122 Makers “ out of this world tour”  allowed participants to explore the environment of pre and post transformation which was simultaneously “ beamed” onto a 6m wide LED screen. Observers watching those participating were able to view the action in 2D but were guided  by the motion and direction of the particpant on the tour.

 The Tour took the audience through the different stages of a project from the initial invitation to tender, site investigation, data collection, work processes and eventual sign off. The Transformation Officer plays the role of the Clients Agent checking that all the works have been completed satifactory and are complete and operational. _DSC5123The Sign off proceedure consisting of the data upload and a reveal only visible to those who took the tour. Succesful missions were entered into a daily draw to win the latest Bebo VR headset compatible with all smart phones and complete with dedicated audio feed.

ImageLucky winners were Mr Philip Thompson and Mr Rob Coston who both received a Bebo VR headset which was presented at the Parkex exhibition. The VR tour was the first time it had been exhibited at Parkex and captured the imagination of all those that participated.Winner160616

“ each tour experience is unique to the person taking the tour as they are in control in the VR environment. What they want to explore and see is down to them and we can ony observe as they take us on their journey thats what makes it so different.” _DSC5148 

DEAN SUTTON transformation engineer

 “……this was a huge technical ask for us with this technology as it had really been designed for the individual and not to broadcast an individual experience to an audience. we are delighted with the outcome and feedback from all those who ventured on the tour. The immersive experience is quite unerving as it is a complete 360 degree view which allows the brain to take in more information and actually react to the environment they are subjected too..” 


 “ this was my very first VR experience and it was amazing.. i’m so glad I had a go..” Elise Vincent

 “ this technology has many applications and i can see some great potential in the parking arena… many thanks to Makers for briging it to Parkex”  


Makers have always been considered pioneers in the parking refurbishment sector and Parkex has provided that opportunity to demonstrate new technology and open up the possiblity of where innovation can aid and assist inimproving the parking experience for Clients and Customers. Although in its early pioneering stage Makers believe that this new technology will be used to enhance the built enviroment anf influence not only the parking design but plan a better parking customer experience.

The 2 day Parkex event ws held at the Richo Arena for the first time home of the Premier Rugby Union team Wasps. Parkex teams up with Traffex in 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham and we look forward to seeing you there and exploring more in the world of Virtual Reality.

Simon Lamb

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