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Richard Taylor Shocked In Dublin

0237Richard Taylor a former Quantity Surveyor at Makers has always remained good friends with the guys and when we heard he was on his stag do in Ireland we knew we had to go, fortunately for Richard he knew nothing about it.0238

Armed with only £20 return flights cash and passports the 18 hour drinking festival saw the Makers assault crew jet out on Saturday lunch time return the following Sunday at 7.00 am in Birmingham. Would there be any survivors, would we all get back?

0240Luke Brighton – tour coordinator had a single contact number for our inside mole in  the stags party.  Landing in Temple Bar at 3.00pm Guinness was soon on the menu and free flowing along with the live music.  A few Guinness virgins broke their duck and the day swiftly turned to evening.

Our rendezvous point confirmed, we left the revelry at Temple Bar and headed off to Sinnotts to ambush Richard who we were advised was dressed like one of Willy Wonkas Umpa Lumpa’s!!

Getting in Sinnotts was apparently difficult until we mentioned we were in search of a lost Umpa Lumpa, the door men dutifully grinned and allowed the team in.

0248Richard dressed in an Umpa Lumpa outfit which remarkably suited him was shocked and in disbelief as one by one more Makers guys appeared.

By 3.00am night club on the horizon the team became separated and can only be described as ‘every man for himself’ situation.  Phone calls and text messages led to a scramble for cabs back to Dublin Airport for departure and security check in.

“at 4.30am I have never seen so many people at an airport on a Sunday morning”

Luke Brighton

Although it was a close thing we all managed to board the plane its passengers somewhat subdued compared to the flight out.  Some slept right until we were awoke to leave the plane.

“an awesome trip, seeing Richard again was great…not sure I could this again for a is completly knackering just singing and drinking.”

Simon Lamb

0247Everyone at Makers wishes Richard and his bride to be a fantastic wedding and we understand that Richard is so taken with his Umpa Lumpa outfit that the wedding theme has now changed to Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory!

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