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Makers Tops Fairfax List

Fairfax job fairFollowing on from Makers accolades with its apprenticeship scheme local school and Sixth Form College invited Makers to address its sixth form students and explain the benefits of entering the world of construction.

“The guys at Makers have been fantastic, we have watched them develop their scheme and we are grateful they are prepared to sacrifice their time for our students.”

Mrs. Pauline Knowles, Career Advisor

Img 0266“We have had 4 apprenticeship places this year and we like to give local students the opportunity to Lean and Earn”

Sean Allsop, HSQE Manager

0269“Construction isn’t everyone’s first choice so we need to advertise what the industry can offer, we now require young professionals and events like this at Fairfax provide that opportunity.”

Simon Lamb, MD

“It is interesting that students in the main still do not know what they want to do later on in life, but we have noticed a distinct shift in people not automatically choosing universities and looking for an alternative route.”

John Walker, Compliance Manager

0267If you are aware of a current ‘A’ Level student who is looking a career in construction, ask them to visit Makers website and check at the career / apprentice opportunities and submit their CV. or call 0845 899 4444



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