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Darren Celebrates 50 Years from London’s Rooftop

IMG_0621To celebrate the heady heights of 50 years old, Makers Technical Director Darren Wootton was whisked away for his birthday celebrations by his good lady wife Wendy for a fantastic trip to London, to visit the Shard, take in the sights from the 72nd floor viewing platformIMG_0610 and then to see the Show ‘Christmas Carol’ with Jim Broadbent at the Noel Coward Theatre.

The trip was supposed to have been a surprise, but as Wendy had paid for this trip on Darren’s credit card, so the secret slipped!

“the trip up to the top of the Shard was fantastic, the sights were brilliant and in all the overall weekend was fabulous, cheers Wendy.”

Darren Wootton, Technical Director

DarrenThe birthday celebrations did not end there, now back at work, certain members of staff decided to present Darren with their own surprise.  3 envelopes were produced, 3 different surprises but only one was to be had.

1, a new road bike,

2, a trip to France for the Tour de France

3, a trip to Ibiza for the opening night of the many clubs of his choice in Ibiza!  (well, this seemed quite appropriate as Darren has mentioned many times about his trip in 2010 of ‘Living it up in Ibiza’ stag weekend) where the accommodation was a Youth Hostel, with the barest of amenities and the door could have been blown off by the wind!


Whilst the team were having light refreshments, Darren pondered over these envelopes that sat before him, and no idea what would be in these envelopes. The time arrived and envelope opened, and yes you guessed it “Ibiza trip awaits”.


“I was pleasantly surprised, slightly shocked but my main thought was how do I explain this to Wendy?”800_ushuaiaopening2

“the next question on my mind was who is going to go with me?”

Darren Wootton, Makers

“Now I have got to that age of 50, I have had some achievements that have stayed with me, one of which was the Charity bike ride to Paris two years ago, that was such hard work but well worth it, and hopefully many more achievements to come.”


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