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Purchasing Department Boosts its Ranks

Heather BlackwellMakers welcomes Heather Blackwell to the purchasing department.  Heather a confessed foodie and mother of 2 has a passion for gardening and combines both her love of food and gardening on her allotment.visiting site

Having spent 10 years at her previous company, Staffing Group, Heather spent her time coordinating and setting up sites for contracts won to provide staff and labour recruitment services to large companies. No stranger to the Construction industry, Heather joins Karen Moody to bolster the ranks to deal with Makers increased workload and demands in the purchasing department.  As part of Heathers induction and introduction to products that shortly shortly will become very familiar to her, the purchasing team visited a local site at Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena to get a firsthand view of the techniques and products being used on the project.

“I really am looking forward to the challenge, I have been made to feel very welcome and I want to get stuck in and hopefully provide a great service to the guys on site.”

Heather Blackwell

Heather and Karen guided by Sean Allsop HSQE Manager Sitemet up with site manager Keith Tarplee to witness the installation of the Triflex deck.

“It’s great the girls are here to see what we do and how it comes together and how critical some products and items are to the process.”

Keith Tarplee, site manager.

Karen and Heather




“The relationship between a shopping list and products is often lost. To be able to identify some of the key issues and the relationship of plant and material dependency will only help them going forward.”

                                                Simon Lamb, MD

“We are delighted that Heather has joined us and we look forward to her contribution going forward.”

Stuart Rooker, FD

“The visit has been a real eye opener and has provided a small insight to all the things required to make it happen.  I just didn’t realise what goes into it.”

Heather Blackwell – Purchasing Assistant


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