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Makers Tours Speedy’s New NDC

DSC_4704As one of Speedy Key accounts, Makers were invited to the unveiling of their new distribution centre based in the Midlands at Tamworth.

The 162,000 square feet facility was unveiled by Speedy’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Rogerson who believes it will be at the heart of their delivery programme.  The unit will have 126 skilled personnel responsible for keeping the Speedy assets available to branch depots.DSC_4706

“Our aim is to deliver products to our customers faster, safer and more efficiently and the NDC forms a key part to that strategy.”

Mark Rogerson, Speedy CEO

As well as the repair, inspection and maintenance side the NDC will also act as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ providing training courses and national induction process to Speedy employees. DSC_4715 A role out programme of specific industry based training will become available to Speedy customers in the future.

DSC_4717Makers were on hand to experience some of the 3D training systems from simulated forklift driving, to issues of lifting and man handling available in the training unit of the centre.

DSC_4749Guided tours were provided to walk ‘Clients’ through the process that will allow Speedy to meet their aspirations.

“Its a great new facility which should result in a better service to us and our sites.”

Karen Moody, Buyer.

“The 4D modeling was very interesting and a complete departure from power point presentations.”

Stacey Fox, Buyer.

“We have worked closely with Speedy over the last 2 years through difficult periods.  The NDC is another innovation which should bring dividends to both organisations.

Niki Baker, Finance Manager.

DSC_4753Mark Rogerson addressed an invited audience to the opening followed by a buffet lunch and tours of the new facility.  After formalities, Mark took the time out to discuss issues with Makers and fully appreciated the challenges and impact Speedy had created but believed the worst was over and with the NDC was looking forward to an improved service.

“It was good of Mark to take the time out, he is obviously aware of our issues.  The new facility is a credit to Speedy and is a solid indication of their intention.”

Simon Lamb, MD

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