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Makers Address The Parking World


Makers are seen as the leading experts in the field of car park refurbishment were invited to address the exhibition on the topic of “Rejuvenate or Replace” discussing the reasoning, options and providing financial modelling to enable asset owners to see what is physically possible using modern renovation techniques in relation to 1960’s structures.

The 30 minute programme was delivered by Makers’ Graeme Middleton who explored and provided an insight into the modern refurbishment options in contrast to the latest New Build

“We were delighted Makers could be expert speakers at Parking World, they have always been seen as Pioneers and indeed are very successful at the Parking Awards.”  Mark Moran, Editor Parking Review.

“An eye opening presentation and clearly demonstrates what can be achieved”

Cliff Weston, Stirling Lloyd.

“With Council pressures to be green, refurbishment sits comfortably in that arena, and appears to have the environmental credentials.  I was particular amazed by the transformations achieved.”

Suan Ng, Bracknell Forest.

address“Rejuvenation is such a large topic and really we only scratched the surface in the 30 minute slot but provided an ideal back drop to get owners to think of their structure and introduce Makers Life Care.”

Graeme Middleton, BDM, Makers

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