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Happy New Year 2014

January brings in the New Year and the Directors of Makers would like to wish all their employees, staff, clients and suppliers a fantastic New Year.

Exciting times are ahead for us in 2014 where the Directors of Makers are looking forward to the New Year.

Peter Cowlard’s planned retirement has allowed the business to prepare over the last 12 months with the final pieces of the jigsaw coming together.

Darren Wootton now takes on the mantle of the Operation and Technical Director having worked closely with Peter over the past 16 years providing a seamless transition.

Over the last 6 months Makers have added key personnel to allow them to develop new areas of the business and focus on our existing client base.

“We couldn’t be happier with the result. Peter’s leaving allowed us to examine the business and strengthen where needed.  We are delighted with the additions to the company which have only strengthened our offer.” –

Simon Lamb -MD


” The addition of new senior construction management has allowed me to focus more on the technical side for the past 6 months which I am really enjoying.”

Darren Wootton, Operations and Technical Director.




“It’s business as usual..we have been fortunate that the right people became available to us, I see this as only a positive going forward..”

Stuart Rooker, FD



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