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A Journeys End

Staff gathered for Peter Cowlards last day of work at Makers after 28 fantastic years.  Peter had already decided at the start of the year that he would be retiring at Christmas just after his 65th birthday in November.

To mark the occasion, staff visited the newly refurbished “Plough” pub in the heart of Shenstone village which had undergone a major renevation after being closed and derelict for many years.  A fitting venue given Peter has been based in Shenstone for the last 18 years, and is also partial to the “odd beer.”

After the dinner staff assembled in the head office boardroom to present Peter with some rather large gifts that should keep him fully occupied in his retirement.

Peter has always had a passion for studying the stars and planets but had not really the time to devote to this past time.  Peter’s wife Audrey tipped the directors that Peter had been mumbling on about buying a telescope and having a bash.  Peter was obviously taken aback when he was presented with the Celestron telescope, complete with stand, lenses and computer, all that was missing was the sleeping bag!

It was obviously a very emotional time for Peter as farewells often are.

” I have worked with some incredible people at my time at Makers.  I have enjoyed it all and will miss it dearly.  I will be “watching” your continued success and leave you in good hands, but now I have a gift to you all…”

In true Peter Cowlard style he presented a picture of himself to us, never to be forgotten.

“I just knew it!…it said everything about him and we will display it proudly, Peter is very much part of what we have built here. I wish him a fantastic retirement it is truly deserved.”

Simon Lamb MD

” Today marks the end of a remarkable journey, Peter has made a massive contribution to Makers, and sadly after 28 years he gets to enjoy himself”

Stuart Rooker – FD


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