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Under the microscope with 45001

ISO 45001 Certificate UKASIt’s good to be consistent but given the growth of our roofing division and the scale of projects we have undertaken, it’s not surprising that this year’s assessment wanted to focus on roofing projects. As more deaths in the industry are as a result from falls to height, we indeed welcome another set of eyes to evaluate the operational work we do in this sector.

The 3-day assessment and audit were a combination of Head Office documentation review and onsite inspections to assess our delivery against our expected 45001 standards by UKAS approved assessors British Assessment Bureau.

This year’s assessment saw zero observations and provided a clean bill of health with encouraging comments from the assessors.

“It’s always been a pleasure to come into the Makers business, they fully engage with the process and are happy to consider recommendations and suggestions, we have been remarkably impressed by the knowledge of their staff who always remain polite and co-operative and we wish them every success for the future.”

A number of key sites were visited across all 3 divisions ensuring a degree of consistency across all sectors and technology.

“An outside view is always useful and given they audit many companies, insights into adopting best practice from other industries and learning from their experience is invaluable, and it helps us to become better, which ideally is the goal for both Companies…”

Sean Allsop Head of Health & Safety.

“I tend to see how the rest of the industry is doing and get BAB (British Assessment Bureau) to evaluate where we are as a business compared to those of a similar size. Although it does take up time it provides that reassurance that we are doing the right things and heading in the right direction.”

Simon Lamb, Managing Director

Makers would like to thank BAB for their continued involvement with the business and we are grateful for their expertise and judgement which has helped us to develop over the years.

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