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NFRC it’s not just a badge

The Watergardens London NFRC Award Winning ProjectDepending where you sit in the world of roofing the NFRC National Federation of Roofing Contractors plays a leading role in the roofing industry. It is the UK largest roofing trade association and has a history spanning over 130 years and through its 7 regional areas across the UK continues to drive standards throughout all roofing disciplines.

The NFRC has a strong focus on training & safety and continues to showcase the skills within the sector and promote those businesses who install confidence with the Association. The NFRC continues to champion excellence with its annual Roofing awards which Makers were successful with the Watergarden project in Edgware London back in 2019 and since that award the business has seen its Roofing Division go from strength to strength.

NFRC Certificate 2024“The NFRC is very visible as an association and have cleverly encouraged those specialist groups to be a part of it. We are delighted to continue to be members of the NFRC and fully support their work and are proud that we are members of the Association.”

Simon Lamb, MD

Television shows have often shown the horror stories within the roofing industry from poor workmanship to rogue contractors and so it is paramount that a nationally recognised Association can represent its members to the wider construction industry and Government applying pressure when required.

Its mission is to provide standards and guidance which raises confidence among businesses and householders.

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