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Bon Voyage! Congratulations and Many thanks.

Teresa Hayes Bon VoyageEver since Teresa told us just after Christmas she was going to retire at her 65th Birthday it was a day we all knew would soon come. Teresa has found not only a place to work but also in our hearts as she has become the glue in the machinery that keeps it all ticking. Despite attempts to persuade her to carry on, she hasn’t stopped working since 1976 and had anticipated retiring at 60! but Government reforms has meant that she has had to soldier on, and therefore no amount of persuasion was going to make her stay.

Teresa has been with us for 9 years which in some standing is quite an achievement but she is one of those who stays and works at her job, incredibly reliable and dependable which she has exhibited throughout her working career with a tenure in her first job with H. Samuel’s the jeweller for 15 years following that with 10 years at battery maker in Aldridge for a further 10 before being made redundant.

Teresa and Fradley 10K teamWherever Teresa has gone she has made a difference and has been incredibly loyal, an avid runner Teresa was instrumental in getting us and I mean all the staff to participate in the Fradley 10K, not a feat taken lightly and one in which some of us enjoyed more than others and indeed the sense of accomplishment for what can only be described as “non- runners and extremely hopefuls” was shared by all if not the list of injuries.

Teresa has been a fundamental part of the admin/finance team and has for the last 6 weeks been training her replacement Gillian Holbrook and as Gillian has remarked she couldn’t wish for a better teacher.

“She does it all…, without fuss, from finance to fleet, hotels to expenses, travel, to office supplies she makes it all look so effortless, she has become not just a work colleague but a great friend, that’s why we all keep crying, we are going to miss her dearly.”

Lisa Green Makers Finance Manager

Verona Teresa& LisaMarried to Stephan for 38 years a byproduct of a chance meeting in Sandy’s Nightclub, also works in construction, has seen their partnership blossom with two children Laura & Tom and one of Teresa’s key reasons for leaving is that her daughter Laura gets married next year back in the birth place of Makers, Totnes in Devon and she dearly wants to be involved with the wedding arrangements and be able to travel freely before the big day.

Teresa can be considered as a bit of a “gym bunny” or more accurately fitness guru, from diet to exercise she has cajoled us in walking at lunchtime, losing weight, changing diet and even convincing us to cook, however her skills do not extend to Sudoku, which can only be described as painful in some circles. Never the less Teresa has high hopes of addressing this once she has had her early morning workout as soon as she is retired!! Forever active, her other passion is gardening, a keen gardener with lots of projects for Stephan who reliable informs us that he is not retiring anytime soon citing “toy boy & cougar” under his breathe, indeed as he told us it’s time for a holiday so immediately after the birthday celebrations they are off to Madeira for a week to let the dust settle and then planning their 2 weeks away in Greece in June!!

Girls at the Spiritualist Cocktail Bar in LichfieldTeresa is one of those ladies that everyone wanted to pass on their best wishes and so given the Ladies at Makers had worked together for a long time they had their own small gathering in Lichfield, a seemly quiet affair, just a simple meal at Ego’s a Mediterranean eatery followed by a trip to “THE SPIRITUALIST “and before you can say séance it’s actually a cocktail bar!! and at that point it all got a bit messy.


Alcohol has a strange way of changing people and from the enclosed evidence we are not so sure what they put in their drinks, safe to say all had a great time and heads no doubt recovered over the weekend.

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“Teresa… well she’s just there! reliable, dependable and has grown massively into the role, I was devastated when she told me she was retiring, as I knew it would be hard not only to replace her but I’ve come to rely on her so much recently, I am going to miss her deeply.”

Stuart Rooker Finance Director

Stuart Rooker Presenting gift to Teresa on her retirement.It soon became time for the Staff to say their fond farewells and gathered at The Plough in Shenstone to have lunch, recant old memories and finishing with a gift presentation on behalf of the Staff and Company. As Teresa was part of Stuart Rooker’s team it was only fitting that he made the presentation and allowing of the raft of jokes and tear brakes he was able to present to Teresa a Pandora bracelet given by the staff together with countless spa vouchers, and keeping with the theme for a keen gardener with a project, Vouchers to Quatropi who specialise in designer garden furniture and are waiting to greet both Teresa and Stephan to their studio in Nuneaton where we have been  reliably informed they are transforming their studio over from winter to summer range!

“There’s been a lot of tears, the day has been building up ever since I handed in my notice and everyone has been lovely, and so generous it’s making me cry now! The Directors have been brilliant and so supportive and fully understanding I am going to miss everyone but I feel the time is right, I want people to stay in touch and come and see my garden furniture once I picked it… I wish everyone all the best, Gillian is fantastic and is going to be great so I leave knowing it’s in good hands…”

Teresa Hayes Retiree

Teresa's retirement day“To be honest I didn’t like her at first, well that’s not quite true, she was just so quiet, but Teresa has grown on me immensely, so much so that I am truly saddened she is leaving, we have been through a lot together over the past few years and her nature has made it all the more possible. She wants to retire and so we have to let her go, she has done a phenomenal job and I will forever remember her encouragement both before during after the Fradley 10K… you did OK!

She is a powerhouse and her energy belies her age, we all wish her a fantastic retirement, our love and best wishes to her and Stephan and we know we have a place in her heart…”

Simon Lamb Managing Director

On behalf of everyone at Makers, Thank You Teresa for everything you have done you have made things so much easier for everyone you have come into contact with, we wish you both a happy and fulfilling retirement.

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