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New Lloyds Register looks to Omni

BCIA Awards Winner LogoFollowing on form its award for sustainability at the British Construction Innovation Awards held in London last year for its pioneering work in concrete remediation. The team were keen to meet the new owners of the Omni Centre to introduce them to the new industry wide scheme created off the back of the work carried out at Omni.

This new scheme called SIRAS & SIRAS+ is a combination of work evaluated off the back of pioneering systems introduced in Omni which reduced the amount of concrete that would have otherwise had to be removed and replaced some 190m3.

Omni Centre MSCPOmni Centre Basement Car ParkSIRAS stands for the Structural Integrity & Resilience Accreditation Scheme and will be operated by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance. The work undertaken with Corrosion Control Systems has provided the platform to establish a new industry wide scheme that will help Insurers and Building Owners to register properties under a new kite mark.

The underlying work at Omni and innovative corrosion techniques have created the opportunity to introduce a new standardised approach for the industry to adopt and for those participants to follow if they wish their projects, processes, products and designs to be accepted into the scheme as operated by LRQA.

Rugby MatchThe purpose of the scheme is to recognise good practice with the retrofitting of corrosion management systems or the restoration of existing structures as well as identifying low carbon sustainability contributions towards net zero. The intent of the scheme is to see structures achieve a controlled and planned preventative strategy for the built environment encompassing retrofit/restoration as well as new construction that preserves embodied carbon for the service life of the structure.

The opportunity also provided the team involved with the refurbishment of Omni to get together and take in a game between Scotland & France. With Scotland hot off their unexpected victory against the Welsh and with the key opponents playing Scotland at Murrayfield a possible grand slam was on the cards.

Omni Team“It’s always great to meet up with the Makers boys, we have to warn our families that it will be a late one, but we are delighted that they continue to visit us after completion of the project”.

John Price

“We shouldn’t need an excuse to visit but the win at the British Construction Innovation Awards gave us an opportunity to share and celebrate with those who were a major part of the scheme, but couldn’t make the event and what a better way of celebrating by taking in a game at Murrayfield… It’s always great to catch up with the team and is becoming an annual pilgrimage…”

Simon Lamb Managing Director

Scotland played well but the end of the match became mired in controversy with both teams waiting in excess of 6 minutes for a Try, No Try call which let both sets of players and supporters bemused. Football has seen the same situation with VAR but by and large rugby has managed to escape the criticism surrounding the system until now. TMO has the added advantage of fans being kept in the loop via ref link but the decision of a none try despite the ball being grounded gave victory to the French quashing a Scottish Grand Slam season. Losing 16-20 in a nail-biting close finish.

Makers would like to thank all those that took time out to join us at Murrayfield and hopefully we get to do it all over again next year.

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