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Makers awarded Watergardens project

Watergardens Car Park HarlowMakers have been successful in the award of a £1.5m contract to undertake the waterproofing of the top deck of the Watergardens single storey car park in Harlow.

The car park received a previous liquid coating back in 2011 but premature wear coupled with construction defects within the original build have made the project subject to numerous forensic testing and investigation to try and understand the behaviour of the car park resulting in cracking of the existing coating.

Makers have been engaged to complete the project over the next 6 months ensuring that the car park receives the specially designed waterproofing to the required parking bays and runways. the system will incorporate a Triflex fleeced system with additional enhancements to improve the tensile capacity of the system.

Watergardens Harlow Car ParkWatergardens Harlow Car Park RefurbishmentThe system has been robustly upgraded and designed by Makers to deal with expected traffic demands and circulation routes being adopted at the Watergardens. The project also includes structural repairs, plank stitching and the introduction of Emseals SJS joint.

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