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Eden car park to get “delightful” makeover

Eden Car Park TescoThere is nothing delightful about the current condition of the Tesco car park at Eden Shopping Centre but following the completion of its lease Makers have been engaged to repair and remodel the exposed top deck above the Tesco store at High Wycombe. The car park is to return to the Eden Shopping Centre and following the removal of 160 tonnes of failed mastic asphalt the exposed concrete deck will be repaired and prepared to receive WestWoods OS10 system above the Tesco store.

The asphalt has been previously repaired and is leaking into both parking areas and the Tesco storeroom below. The asphalt has reached the end of its design life and the underlying concrete structure is showing signs of degradation.

The new waterproofing system will adopt the nearby colour scheme to reflect that already adopted by the Eden Shopping Centre to create a consistent shopper experience. As well as repairs and waterproofing the access link bridges will have the existing failing movement joints replaced with Radflex S200 system together with identified door sets.

Eden Car Park TescoThe project is made even more complicated due to its landlocked position which will require specialist equipment and access to separate and dispose of the asphalt. The car park currently serves Tesco customers but is also part of the network of available parking which supports the 106 retail outlets within the shopping centre together with the 22 lane bowling alley and 12 screen multiplex cinema.

The scheme is expected to take 14 weeks and complete in time for the increase in demand for the Christmas build up and will see a new traffic flow introduced to the deck making parking and transition less complicated.

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