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Merry Christmas from Makers

Christmas 2022 Bags for Life GiftOur staff have been busy distributing our Christmas thank yous and as it is our custom we have over the past years provided a Christmas message for them as we bring the year to an end. This year is no exception and we hope that those Clients who receive a thank you from us take a moment to reflect.

We are acutely aware of the contributions and support that our Clients, Customers and Supply chain make throughout the year and this is us saying thank you.

This year we have been affected by turbulent times which following the two previous years with covid has done nothing other than cause more pain and uncertainty around the world. Our message this year is “Peace for Ukraine”. In February of this year Ukraine was invaded by Russia and despite the collective outcry and national embargoes the war and Ukraine’s struggle for freedom still continues. This will be the first Christmas that Ukrainian families will not be together at Christmas and indeed there is little goodwill to be seen or felt.

We would ask that those that are fortunate and those receiving a thank from us spare a thought and pray for those involved in the conflict and if possible, make a small donation to any of the charities actively working on behalf of the Ukrainian people.

Whilst there are many charities in operation any donations to the Red Cross would be appreciated and we hope that those in power can bring this conflict to an end and create a period of peace and stability.

On behalf of Makers Construction, we thank you for your continued support, we wish you and your families a Safe & Happy Christmas and look forward to working with you in 2023.

Merry Christmas.

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