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Certification Name of the Game

Whilst many companies battled to get to grip with ISO 9001, Makers have always held an integrated management system at the heart of its operations since 2008. In recent years the standard incorporates ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 and despite the best efforts of the pandemic to disrupt matters Makers insisted that the UKAS auditors attend the office rather than teams as we have remained operational throughout the pandemic.

ISO 9001 Quality Management Logo ISO 14001 Environmental Management ISO 45001 Health & Safety ManagementUnlike many organisations we have been committed to working back in the office since July 2020, so it seems strange to us when others are still reluctant to do so, however we have maintained some of the key COVID procedures, which are still in place to provide a safe working environment to staff and visitors alike.
As with most companies, new working practices and procedures have been developed to cope with the affects of the pandemic and indeed some may be retained long after the Coronavirus dissipates.

John & Wife on his retirement

We are delighted to announce that despite the lengthy periods between assessments Makers can confirm that we hold a full certification and that the new approved logo can be found on our website.

“I would like to offer my thanks to John Walker who retired in September last year and provided many of the ongoing reviews up to that point and congratulate his successor and Sean Allsop for ensuring that we continue to comply with our standards and procedures now and into the future”.

Simon Lamb, MD

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