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Baby Esme arrival lifts us all

Matt & EsmeIn a year that has been difficult and full of disappointments and sadness we are delighted that we end the year with a piece of fantastic news with the birth of Esme Winter Hewetson.

Makers Commercial Director Matt Hewetson and his partner Emily are the proud parents to new baby Esme who is another addition to their family who was born at the Queens hospital Burton on the 14th December 2020 at three minutes to five in the afternoon.

As her name suggests Matt and Emily have been “blessed” with their new healthy arrival to add to the Christmas festivities to add to what is traditionally a busy time for family get togethers. This year is particularly poignant with Covid precautions but we are assured that both sets of parents will get to meet Esme who will be centre stage for both her sister Lily and brother Stan, and whilst only weighing 4lbs 14 ozs she is already a firm favourite with her siblings.

Emily, Esme, Stan & MattLike all well planned events Esme arrived a little earlier than expected but was a fantastic tonic for the whole family and from the pictures Matt informs us that he is delighted !!

Along with much uncertainty Covid has had a reach far and wide even affecting the process of giving birth with hospitals introducing new safety rules which meant that only one person was permitted in attendance and once in the birthing room having to remain until the birth. Luckily for Matt, Emily was very sympathetic with Esme arriving just under 5 hours from initiation, although Matt does inform us that the birthing rooms have great wifi!!!

Lily & EsmeWe are delighted to be able to introduce baby Esme to you all with kind permission of Matt and Emily and have posted some great pictures of their new arrival with the family. Matt now tells us that moving home is now the next item on the agenda so its looks like he is in for little sleep unlike Esme who is eating and sleeping like a baby!!!

The arrival of Esme has been a brilliant end to the year and we are delighted for Matt, Emily, Lilley and Stan and wish them a fantastic Christmas together along with the rest of our families and hope we all remain safe and healthy.

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