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It’s Party Time

entrance70 Makers employees and their respective partners partied into the early hours last Friday at the NEC Winter Christmas Party World.

Joined by 2500 other revellers they enjoyed the traditional Christmas fayre and the not so traditional “Cirque de Soleil” artistic performers who entertained them with aerobatic artistry throughout the dinner.

With the “fairground” as the main theme, fairground rides were available after the dinner where those brave enough and with a strong constitution could enjoy goes on the bumper cars, waltzers and other fast spinning rides, but those a more sensitive constitution the fun casino was at hand.

waltzers“It’s been a really demanding year where we have been exceptionally busy so the opportunity to get everyone together and celebrate is fantastic”

Simon Lamb, MD

bumpercars 2The fun was continuous throughout the evening with the all-inclusive bars providing a choice of cocktails, craft beers or specialised gins. The dance floor was packed with party goers dancing to the traditional Christmas music anthems, before being whisked off in carriages to their awaiting hotel.

Gin Bar“The night has been a complete success and everyone who attended was blown away by the venue”

Niki Baker, Finance Manager

“The party was incredible and everyone had an awesome night, we would just like to thank everyone involved and wish everyone a Merry Christmas”

John and Michelle Linskey.

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