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Industrys Future? UK Construction Week Provides Backdrop

Regeneration Hub UK Construction WeekUK Construction is the UK’s largest built environment event and houses different shows covering different segments of the construction industry.

“UK Construction week is packed with innovation, ideas and is a great platform to showcase, inspire and become aware of the changing face of construction. We have over 350 industry pioneers, 650 exhibitors and an expected footfall of over 30,000, so this event will influence those in the industry”

Nathan Garrett Event Director

“Innovation is a key foundation stone of our business so we are duty bound to explore new technology and processes entering the market so we continuously improve our offer. UK Construction week brings these all together under 1 roof but covering a multitude of sectors…”

Simon Lamb, MD

From the future of construction to the immediate impact of Grenfell and Brexit the “live stage” hubs provided insights into the thoughts and ideas of expert speakers from planning, procurement, labour and standards that affect so many parts of our industry.

With key topics following Carillion fall out being aired and viewed into unfair payment mechanism, low margin bidding and adversarial contract terms, the industry is at a crossroads whereby further fall out is not acceptable and turning “new blood” away from the industry.

Birmingham City UniversityAs a plethora of Apprenticeship Schemes become available, how suited are they to the demands of industry, can SME’s actually afford them and how will the industry overcome the skill shortages that exist. With EU migrant labour divesting itself back to Europe is the UK’s construction sector attractive as it once was, or has the devaluation of the pound lost its sparkle for those intent of sending money home.

With over 350 experts on hand covering 9 theatres and the UKCUS Stage that hosted the “big questions” for the industry, over 200 hours of expert opinion and discussion took place.

Digital, offsite and regeneration led the mainstream interest as traditional areas on discussions were less radical, but following the significant government funds and political direction in terms of housing, the drive to affordable low cost rapid housing has providing the backdrop to reduce the expected fall in UK construction output, but as HS2 chuggs along the infrastructure behemoth with its close focus on renewable and sustainability provided the innovation and technology product platforms that will find their way into the industry.

Rolec EV Charging

Exhibitors at UK Construction WeekConcrete Centre at UK Construction Week“Manufacturers are always looking to be one step ahead, be it the reduction in carbon footprint, the reduction in water use or the longevity of the product all are vying for the USP that provides the edge. Whilst on the surface the improvements are not necessarily obvious, their continual drive to innovate drives the industry forward, what we have to do is tailor those innovations into our portfolio”

Darren Wootton, Operations Director


Beerfest2Following a hard days’ discussion, the street food and Octoberfest beer arena became a natural gathering point to sample good been and cuisine and provided that relaxing network opportunity to the backdrop of live music.


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