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Bodhi Arrives 5 Days Early

Baby Bodhi15 months ago Jacob and Kadie had their first bundle of joy Jacob Junior but on Saturday 20th October at 6:55 in the morning Kadie delivered a healthy baby brother called Bodhi James Birkby. This early delivery within 1½ hours of reaching the hospital and both mother and son were back home by 10:00 am, somewhat in total contrast to Jacob Junior.

Bodie & DoyleApparently, Bodhi, chosen by his mum, has been named after Lewis Collins famous for his role in the hit crime drama series “The Professionals” where CI5 officers tracked down villains in iconic Ford cars that made both the Ford Capri 3.05 and the Ford Escort RS200 the most desired models of their time.


“We are delighted for Kadie and Jake, and the safe delivery of baby Bodhi, no doubt he will love to become a Manchester United Fan like his older brother…”“

Simon Lamb, MD

“Just a big thank you for the wonderful flowers that were sent to the house, they were really appreciated, it was a lovely surprise…”

Jake Birkby


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