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Company’s Installed Trackers Foils Thieves

Luke from Makers with his Car

At 7:00 am estimating manager Luke Brighton opened his front door to discover his BMW 3 Series had been stolen off his drive in Solihull. Luke had no knowledge of the theft or the whereabouts of his car so he called the office to say his car had been stolen and would be late into work.

The call was taken by Makers Managing Director, Simon Lamb who immediately consulted his FleetSmart App on his mobile phone where all in live tracking of site and staff vehicles can be viewed.

In under 30 seconds the system was able to locate where Luke’s car had been abandoned and could locate the exact position so that it could be recovered by the police.

Two phone calls later police were dispatched and secured both the vehicle and the immediate scene until the vehicle was later towed away for forensic examination.

The car had been stolen at 3:20 am driven approximately 8.5 miles and left 6.4 miles away from its original destination. Police believe the tactic was to steal the car, park it for 2 to 3 days and then use it in a robbery or criminal act.

Usually Luke would have been liable for the £150 tow charge by the police but because we had been able to direct them to the vehicle the tow charges were dropped.

Access to the car was gained using a portable scanner device and a “clip” attached to the management system allowing them to bypass the internal BMW security system.

“I was gutted when it was stolen but Simon quickly told me where it was then it all got a bit exciting and we rushed to the scene”.

“I was amazed when the police wanted the car for forensic examination I was expecting to drive it home, but they said the vehicle could have been used in a robbery in the next couple of days.”

Luke Brighton, Makers

The tracker system performs many functions for both the staff and company vehicles and is an invaluable tool, we were delighted Luke got his car back quickly and without any damage.

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