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Welcome Jack Baker!!

Steve Baker, Sarah and Baby JackSteve Baker site manager and Makers mentor has had an early Christmas present with his partner Sarah with the birth of their first child Jack Baker.

Jack was born at Warwick Hospital after a 38-hour labour meant he was delivered by ‘C’ Section at 2:42 am in the morning of the 18th November.

Steve has been keeping a close eye on matters as he raced to complete the first phase of the multimillion refurbishment at the Oracle Reading before the expected due date.

Baby JackJack weighed in at 7lb 10oz but the greater surprise was that Steve and Sarah had expected a girl throughout the pregnancy but are delighted with Jack and wouldn’t swap him for the world.

Although this is Steve’s and Sarah first child their parents are dab hands as Jack becomes the 3rd grandchild to excited grandparents Marie, Denis and Greta.

These are happier times for Steve and Sarah as Steve was involved in a freak rugby incident that saw him break his hip socket and become wheelchair bound for many weeks for physiotherapy recovering in the John Radcliffe trauma ward.

Steve and Sarah have a passion for rugby and indeed she was watching Steve when he got injured but this has not deterred them from hoping young Jack learns to play rugby!

“I would love him to play for England and I will be signing him up for our local team, but Sarah has other plans and prefers the “green jersey” to keep the peace he will probably play for Wales”

Steve Baker

Steve has a very nurturing attitude which has made him fantastic mentor within our apprenticeship programme, so fatherhood should be a stroll in the park.

Baby Jack Baker at homeSteve has now returned to work after his paternity leave and can’t stop smiling despite the lack of sleep and reckons he melts every time he sees Jack.

As with every operation and procedure they all come with risks but we are delighted to report that both mother and baby are doing well!

Sarah will be taking a year out to bring up Jack and she can’t believe how much you can love something so small.

“He captures your heart the moment you see him and I am so thrilled it will be an amazing Christmas this year”

Sarah Shields

Everyone at Makers would like to offer our congratulations to the happy couple and look forward to Jacks development… his viz-vest is on its way!!


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