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Makers Legend Passes Away

Version 3It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Brian Patrick Dargan on the 8th February 2017 aged 73.

Brian was instrumental in growing the Makers business where he joined from Pitchmastic to set up the Civils and Infrastructure Division based up in Runcorn which quickly developed into a successful arm of the business specializing in bridges, highways and the water industry.

Brian was a fountain of knowledge and always gave you a straight answer.  He was immensely popular with his staff wherever he went and it was his lightly spoken Dublin accent that always put you at ease and made him a success wherever he went.

I always remember Brian’s first day in the business when he arrived at Shenstone, I’m not quite sure he was ready for the characters there….but he brought some of his own, namely Mike Guy and Ken Dykes who everyone knows in our industry which only went on to spur on some healthy competition.”

Simon Lamb, MD

Brian’s journey through the concrete repair and structural refurbishment industry was no more evident by the number of former colleagues that attend his requiem mass at St Edwards Church at Runcorn last Tuesday.  There were former colleagues and employees from his time at Pitchmastic, Balvac’s. Volker Laser as well as Makers clearly demonstrating how valued Brian was.

“These occasions are always sad and you just forget how many people you meet along the way.  Brian was a fantastic addition to the business and it’s been amazing to catch up with former colleagues and friends albeit on such a sad occasion…”

Jim Maker, Chairman Makers UK

Version 2Brian was an authority within the industry and played an active role with the Concrete Repair Association his last appearance being at the Houses of Parliament with his daughter Grace in November 2013, whereby shortly after he was diagnosed with leukemia.

During his brave battle with leukemia Brian also lost his son Adrian last year at the age of 45 but remained positive enough to be present at his daughter’s wedding.  Always a distinguished man he stayed true to his beliefs of truthfulness, honesty and faith and this was reflected in the sheer numbers who attended to pay their respects and mark the affection in which Brian was held.

Version 3“The industry said goodbye to a cornerstone, a leader and champion of people, but more over a true gentleman.  Brian helped me as young Director at Makers and I will always remember him for his kind works, advice and the heads up when I needed it…”

Simon Lamb, MD Makers


Brian’s wife Brenda and his 2 daughters requested that all donations would be presented to the Hospice where Brian was cared for.

“Brian was incredible and for years we were inseparable, wherever Brian went we wanted to follow… I miss him greatly”

Mike Guy, Director Resitech

Brian touched many of us in the industry and I am sure we all have fantastic memories that remind us of his very generous spirit, and perhaps take some joy in the fact that somewhere in the UK he has preserved a bridge, a building or even a dock that will stand the test of time.

Thank you Brian and god bless.



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