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Makers in 7th Heaven

IMG_9863The ‘Parking Oscars’ came to London at the Lancaster Hotel and after Leonardo DiCaprio long awaited win in Los Angeles all contestants had their fingers crossed in anticipation of winning.

After numerous successes in the Best Refurbishment Category and to mark Makers 40th Anniversary, we turned from contestant to sponsor and sponsored the best refurbishment category.  Well you can’t be seen to win your own category!

This year saw over 80 entries contest the 14 categories in front of an audience of a 1000 consisting of finalists and guests, who were treated to a stunning 4 course meal and the outlandish humour of presenter Hal Cruttenden who delighted the audience IMG_9854throughout the afternoon.

As well as being a main sponsor Makers was also successful in being shortlisted in the ‘Front Line’ award. The award recognises excellence in the industry, customer service and exceptional professionalism during the event we found this to be the most competitive given the number of successful finalists.  Makers had submitted its 5 year apprentice programme which takes 18 year old school leavers and introduces them to the world of work, construction site management, further education and guaranteed employment at the end of the term, following successful completion.

Apart from the obvious advertising the sponsor also gets to present the winning team or an individual with their award.  Graeme Middleton, Business Development Manager for Makers presented the ‘Best Refurbishment’ award to INTU Properties and USL Structure Care for the Merry Hill MSCP. Congratulations to them all.

Given the significance of being shortlisted Makers invited selected parties who have been instrumental in the scheme to participate in the occasion and Makers were joined by Andy Stubbs, lecturer Walsall College, Phil Ball of IE Creative designers, together with the schemes mentors Rod and Kenny and 2 of this years apprentices, Joseph Hardwick and Ben Morris.

Despite our best hopes we were all disappointed when we did not win the ‘Front Line’ Award and it looked like it would be a long journey home, but out of the blue Jury Chairman Chris Whapples announced a special jury prize.IMG_9879

BPA201604_03_15245_thumb“The jury have decided to award a special award to this company who have  gone above and beyond, their attitude, commitment to youth, recognised skill shortages and dedication to make an apprenticeship of such value resulting in guaranteed employment could not go unrecognised. To commit to a 10 year programme without any government funding showed commitment not only to the industry but should be the way forward. The special Jury prize goes to Makers Construction for their Apprentice Scheme.”

Chris Whapples presented the award to the whole team and went onto say;-

“The jury was in no doubt this was special, we congratulate Makers for their efforts and foresight.”

“We had dared to hope, they announced category winners so after that we thought it was all over…. I couldn’t believe it when they called us up.”

Sean Allsop, HSQE Manager

“A brilliant result, Makers have been absolutely superb we are totally behind them and their students, I am delighted for them.”British Parking Awards 2016. Picture by:

Andy Stubbs, Lecturer Built Environment, Walsall College.

“As a sponsor you are interested to learn who won and pleased for them and that gives you pleasure, but on the emotional roller coaster of disappointment then elation as a contestant is something else….. I am delighted for everyone connected with the scheme, this experience will stay with the apprentices and who knows where it may take them.”

Simon Lamb, MD

British Parking Awards 2016. Picture by: www.matthewwalkerphotography.comOn receiving the awards and taking the relevant photo’s the team headed off to celebrate in a nearby hostillery where most of the jubilant winners gathered. Joe and BenAfter a highly charged emotional day the train journey seemed to take its toll on our young apprentices.

“We have been recognised 7 times at the British Parking Awards against stiff competitors, maybe it’s time to consider a trophy cabinet.  A fantastic effort by Simon and the team.”

Stuart Rooker, FD Makers

If anyone knows of a budding student currently sitting ‘A’ levels who would like a career in site management, please direct them to our website, and submit their CV.

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